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Our office is dedicated to the protection of bicycle accident victims. Ms. Benedict’s cycling background and her knowledge of bike law enables her to educate adjusters, opposing counsel, and the Courts regarding a cyclist’s right to the road and the impact an accident has on his/her lifestyle. 
Through our ability to educate the opposing party and our access to numerous cycling/legal resources, our office is able to effectively adovcate for our clients and fight for favorable resolutions.

We are also equally dedicated to the prevention of bicycle accidents.  We actively promote bicycle saftey and bicycle skills on our BLOG, via our twitter feed, and through community events.  We also proudly support the bike advocacy efforts of local and national organaizations.


Can You Afford A Bike Lawyer?
  Our office works on a contingency fee basis in bicycle accident accident cases.  This means that you do not pay any attorneys fees unless we recover damages for you. In most cases, we do not require any upfront costs to get your case started.

What Should You Do If You Have Been In A Bicycle Accident?
Do not
sign an insurance settlement document without first consulting with an attorney.  The Law Office of Amanda Benedict offers free consultations for all bicycle accident matters - so call us today!

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